Other Services

Other Services

GPS Services
Albert Frick Associates has been involved with submeter-accuracy Global Positioning Systems (GPS) location work on our projects since 2000.  From its earliest days, GPS has proven itself to be an invaluable money-saving tool in the location of wetland areas, vernal pools and soil test pits for our clients versus a traditional land survey. Our GPS location plans have been readily accepted by all municipalities (both Code Enforcement and Planning Boards) in which we have worked. We have the ability to not just locate existing features in the field, but also to create site features like building windows and conceptual house locations where none currently exist using GPS. We have used GPS in combination with our CAD design staff to create lot specific site plans for homeowners.

GIS Maps and CAD Design
Albert Frick Associates has been utilizing the power and precision of Computer Aided Design (CAD) since 1996. AFA was among the first Site Evaluation firms in Maine to utilize CAD software to draft septic system designs. AFA has a team of sophisticated and experienced CAD operators whose focus on technical accuracy and efficiency assures a top-quality finished project delivered on time, every time. Our CAD department has both the experience and knowledge to be able to work with a wide variety of CAD software packages. In 2007 we began to utilize GIS software. This move to GIS has greatly expanded our ability to create extremely detailed composite plans for our clients. No matter how simple or complex your project is, Frick Associates CAD and GIS specialists are ready to help.

Educational and Technical Training
Throughout its 25 year history, Albert Frick Associates has been contracted by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Maine State Planning Office, Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC), Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation Service and Maine Division of Environmental Health, to provide training (both manuals and seminars) in our  areas of expertise. Frick Associates staff have participated as instructors for environmental training seminars related to septic design, erosion and sediment control, proprietary leaching devices, advanced wastewater disposal topics, and environmental permitting with regard to wetlands, shoreland zoning and significant wildlife habitats. We have hosted a very successful (and fun) series of “septic socials” that were targeted at waterfront homeowners and lakes associations to educate them on the issues surrounding septic systems near waterbodies. Our staff have also been called upon to provide “expert witness” testimony when needed.

Other Miscellaneous Services
There are many projects that don’t fit neatly into any specific category listed on this site. Chances are, if your project involves a land-use component, Frick Associates staff can help you get where you want to go. Below is an (incomplete) list of the types of projects that in which we have successfully participated in the past:

  • Campground design and layout
  • As-built facilities plans
  • Shoreland Zone studies
  • Dam projects
  • Boat launches
  • Marinas
  • Dock Permits
  • Trail Maps and much, much more

Give us a call today and let us help you complete your project.

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Making properties "buildable" with Biobarrier®

Albert Frick Associates is Maine's authorized reseller of the BioBarrier® Membrane Treatment System.  The BioBarrier® is an advanced onsite wastewater treatment unit which produces effluent quality of <5 mg/L BOD and <5 mg/L TSS.  By cleaning the effluent to nearly rainwater quality, this allows for one of the smallest leach field sizes in the state.  However the biggest advantage of this unit is making previously "unbuildable" lots "buildable".  If a BioBarrier® system is used the Maine Department of Environmental Health can issue a variance to the Wastewater Disposal Rules.   This has opened up more waterfront and small regulatory challenged lots for development.  For more information please call us or visit http://www.biomicrobics.com/products/bio-barrier-membrane-bioreactor/.