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Albert Frick Associates, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm, which for 35 years has specialized in soil mapping, site evaluation, septic system design, wetland identification and delineation, and environmental permitting.  Frick Associates is committed to the sound management of land resources.  Our goal is to assure environmental sanitation and regulatory compliance, as we maximize the land-use potential of our clients’ properties. 

Our years of experience allow us to offer a broad range of solutions, both basic and ‘cutting edge’, while attempting to work within your cost constraints.  We have a long and successful track record of working with private, corporate, organizational, and municipal clients.  Albert Frick Associates's staff works closely with Town officials, the State of Maine Department of Human Services, the Division of Environmental Health, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, and the US Army Corps of Engineers.  Our staff is extremely well-versed concerning the rules governing land use and the environmental laws and regulations.

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Making properties "buildable" with Biobarrier®

Albert Frick Associates is Maine's authorized reseller of the BioBarrier® Membrane Treatment System.  The BioBarrier® is an advanced onsite wastewater treatment unit which produces effluent quality of <5 mg/L BOD and <5 mg/L TSS.  By cleaning the effluent to nearly rainwater quality, this allows for one of the smallest leach field sizes in the state.  However the biggest advantage of this unit is making previously "unbuildable" lots "buildable".  If a BioBarrier® system is used the Maine Department of Environmental Health can issue a variance to the Wastewater Disposal Rules.   This has opened up more waterfront and small regulatory challenged lots for development.  For more information please call us or visit