Soil Mapping

Soil Mapping

If you are being required to submit a soils map as part of your project, then Albert Frick Associates is the best firm to help move your project to its next stage. Albert Frick Associates has provided cost-effective soils mapping for tens of thousands of acres in Maine for site development and environmental permits, and has been involved in soils research for as long as the company has been in existence. AFA employs a Certified Soil Scientists with more than 30 years of experience in this field.

We have completed soil surveys and created soils maps for projects of all sizes. Frick Associates knowledge and expertise have been relied upon from individual building lots to the largest proposed wind farms in Maine.

Albert Frick have been instrumental in both defining and refining the standards for quality soil surveys in the State of Maine. He has served on the Maine Association of Professional Soil Scientists Technical Review Committee and have been intimately involved in the creation of standards governing soil mapping. Mr. Frick was appointed by Governors John McKernan and Angus King to serve on the Maine Board of Certification of Geologists and Soil Scientists. Mr. Frick also worked closely with the State Soil Scientist in order to create the new Class L Soil Survey for large-scale, linear projects like wind farms.

We have mapped the soils of Maine from Kittery to  Aroostook County. Frick Associates staff employ the latest in GPS and GIS technology in order to quickly and accurately map soil landforms of all shapes and sizes. Call Albert Frick to discuss your project today

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Making properties "buildable" with Biobarrier®

Albert Frick Associates is Maine's authorized reseller of the BioBarrier® Membrane Treatment System.  The BioBarrier® is an advanced onsite wastewater treatment unit which produces effluent quality of <5 mg/L BOD and <5 mg/L TSS.  By cleaning the effluent to nearly rainwater quality, this allows for one of the smallest leach field sizes in the state.  However the biggest advantage of this unit is making previously "unbuildable" lots "buildable".  If a BioBarrier® system is used the Maine Department of Environmental Health can issue a variance to the Wastewater Disposal Rules.   This has opened up more waterfront and small regulatory challenged lots for development.  For more information please call us or visit